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A Materials Platform


Ras Labs is making Synthetic Muscle™, which is a class of electroactive polymers  (EAPs) that contract and expand like muscle when controlled by low voltage.  Ras Labs' EAPs, also sense mechanical pressure, from a gentle touch to high impact. Our EAPs that are shape-morphing, impact attenuating, and pressure sensing have the capabilities to address pain points in multiple applications. Unlike most electroactive polymers that operate in the kV range, our materials contract and expand at low voltages. Our polymers can withstand extreme temperatures, from 2 to 4 Kelvin (as cold as outer space), to over 135°C, well above the boiling point of water.  Certain formulations resist radiation at levels that are lethal for humans.

This is a strong materials platform business, now focused on the $6B robotics world of Grippers and Actuators.