We Bring Life to motion

Other Potential Application Areas


Ras Labs can adjust our formulations to meet the desired requirements of applications. We can design a more flexible and soft material that provides for greater degrees of motion, or we can generate less flexible, harder materials that allows materials that allow for more strength and load bearing.  Our EAPs are tough, which enhances durability.


Socket Fit:  Prosthetic devices and their sockets are static.  Due to limb changes that occur throughout the day, amputees face painful slippage that can lead to skin and tissue breakdown.  To solve this pain point, Ras Labs developed shape-morphing EAP based pads to incorporate into prosthetic liners or sockets to maintain continual perfect fit, so that amputees can go about their day without having to stop and adjust the fit of their device.  Early customer testing been very encouraging.  

Prosthetic Hand:  As an extension to the robotic gripper, we could provide a customized, lightweight, intuitively easy to operate  prosthetic hand.

Athletic and Protective Gear 

Think padded liners in football or workplace helmets to absorb shock and that can communicate the number and severity of impacts.  Think of shoe inserts or liners in athletic shoes and therapeutic footwear, that serve dual use as force attenuation (they feel awesome) and can communicate the number of steps and the positioning of the foot.  

Automobile Interior 

Think of individualized adjustable lumber support for seats.  Think of sleek switch-less consoles in the cockpit, armrests, and dashboards.