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Soft Robotics

Inspired by biology, there been a drive to develop soft bodied motion in order to combine natural compliance with controllable actuation and sense. Our electroactive polymers convert energy directly into motion without the need for belts, pulleys, gears or motors. Soft robotic systems require both soft actuators and soft sensors to perform complex functions. As a result, our materials will simplify product design and increase reliability by minimizing the number of parts that can break down in a device. Ras Labs' material can also sense pressure, and we are developing integrated sensor systems using our polymers. Our vision in robotics is go from the simple sensing fingertips and actuators that expand of our grippers today to be able to mimic hand-like grasp with integrated fingertip-like tactile sensing in the next generation of grippers. Human-like grasp involves movement around joints in the fingers and thumb. Attaching tapered  Synthetic Muscle™ based actuators around biomimetic joints will allow bending and straightening of the gripper thumb in multiple directions.