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:: Ras Labs Synthetic MuscleTM
Synthetic muscle, developed by Ras Labs, controllably contracts and expands. Currently synthetic muscle is being used to prototype rotational actuation for the US Army. Linked actuation is also being prototyped. The Ras Labs mission is to use synthetic muscle to make prosthetics, particularly for the hand and arm, that work, feel, and appear human.

:: Electroactivity in Polymeric Materials
L. Rasmussen, Editor, "Electroactivity in Polymeric Materials," Springer-Verlag, GmbH & Co. KG © 2012


RAS LABS Highly Contractile
Electroactive Polymer
Latest News

:: MassChallenge Center for the Advancement of Science in Space Award 2013

:: Mass Challenge Global Finalist

:: Ras Labs Synthetic Muscle on YouTube!
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:: R & D with ARDEC, US Army, with purchase orders since 2012

:: Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) Award 2010

:: R & D with US Department of Energy's Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory at Princeton University, initiated 2007