We bring life to motion

Synthetic Muscle™ is a durable man-made material capable of life like motion

Ras Labs, Inc. is making Synthetic Muscle™, which is a class of electroactive polymers (EAPs) that contract and expand like muscle when controlled by low voltage.  These EAPs also sense mechanical pressure, from a gentle touch to high impact. The direction of motion (contraction or expansion) is controlled by controlling the polarity of the electric input and amount of motion can be controlled by simply adjusting the voltage level. This could be used as a method of providing both large motor control and fine motor control (fine manipulation) within the same actuator unit. In robotics, existing actuators cannot provide streamlined expansion and contraction while dynamically sensing grip pressure.

Our initial target market is the world of soft robotics where we see a need for safe self-contained electrically driven soft actuators that can sense pressure (tactile touch) in life-like biometric grippers..


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